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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not A New Place Really...New experience

So I went to that new movie "My Bloody Valentine." Yes it was in 3-D and I must say I was pretty impressed. The story was ok...not the best, but the experience was trippy. Shitty part was you have to pay an extra $2. Yes i know 2 freakin dollars! It was ok tho...idk some how i was ok with it. It would be nice to have a lot more action movies in 3-D. I thought I would get sick, but my up-chuck reflexes held. Perhaps the best part was looking at everyone else wearing those "cool" glasses. TeeHee!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

my stuff

Stuff Done By Me:

Capstone Project 2009

Here is the rough draft:

Title: CLutcH 808
Sentence: My capstone project is to launch a Hawai’i inspired clothing line.
Paragraph: My capstone project is to launch a clothing line. The designs I have are inspired by my home, Hawai’i. My company will be named Clutch 808. I hope to later expand and use my designs on other merchandise like sporting goods and even sponsor a team.

Ever since I was little I hoped to make things people would wear. I was under the impression that only fashion designers could make clothes and distribute them. I wasn’t so great at sewing and using patterns. I went into graphic design in college and learned that you can design shirts you don’t have to make them. Now I know that anyone can make t-shirts now. For my capstone project I would like to start my line of t-shirts inspired by the Hawaiian Islands. Accompanied with a website to promote my designs and some kind of a brochure so others can see first hand what I am trying to accomplish.
I have been thinking about and planning my shirt idea for a couple years now. I have a few designs done and I am in the process of getting them printed. I was referred to and plan to go to Basement-ink here in Ashland to print them. I talked to one of the printers, Alex, and he said to come in to get a quote and to discuss it.
My designs are inspired by my home and have the island feel to them. The best advice I got about designing is to design what you know and I know Hawai’i. I’d like to say that my designs are urban mixed with some of the traditional Hawaiian designs. I’d like to call my company CLutcH 808. It refers to the idea of clutching to everything that is good, your roots
My hope is that locals and native people to Hawai’i will wear my designs. Launching the clothes here on the west coast I hope to have the west coast sport my designs as well. Maybe down the line if my designs are successful I can sponsor a team later and branch out into things other than just shirts, like sporting goods. I hope to become a legitimate clothing brand.

Deliverables/Products of Study:
There will be shirts made hopefully three or four, a website, and a brochure.

Technical/Research issues:
I will be associated with the printing company Basement-ink in order to make my shirts. I will be using Dreamweaver to make my website. The brochure will be created using InDesign. I will probably need assitance in InDesign and Dreamweaver.
January 17: Go to Basement-ink, make contact, get a quote, and possibly start printing.
January 21: Start making Brochure in InDesign
January 23: Submit first design for printing
January 30: Check up on prints
January 31: Second draft of brochure done
February 6: Begin creating website in Dreamweaver
February 13: Submit second design for printing.
February 18: Finish Brochure
February 25: Check on prints
March 13: Finish Website

Done by others:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Advent Calender Pondering

Food is always nice so maybe I want my calender to feature pictures of candy or food. There's always movie quotes, which I personally love! Great way to perk up your day.

I went Wii Wii

So I played Wii the day after we had our conversation about it. I found it pretty ironic, but who cares cuz Wii is awesome! I'm not the best, but who cares it's plentay fun! Mario Striker kudos!

This is why we play Wii..for moments like this:

Never Been There

So in 351 class we had to go somewhere we've never been before. I hardly use the library so I went there since I kinda needed to anyways. I went to the Art reference section for the first time. I didn't even know this existed. We have books on crap I would never think. You could think random thoughts and poof we have a book on it. I don't think people like the reference section because it is creepy quiet. It smells like old books too. Not to pleasant to the olfactory senses. So i'd say my trip was useful since I had to be there anyway, but I didn't have an epiphany or anything.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Art 351 "interactivity"

Today in class we were asked "what is interactivity?" The answers the class came up with are:

  • Performing an action to create an equal action.
  • Getting up and doing something.
  • The Future
  • The Wii
The Wii came up and Miles asked us why people are so intrigued by simple actions and games?  Perhaps it is because we are bored or the Wii creates the illusion that we are actually playing the "sport" or "driving" the only difference is we don't experience the physical labor.