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Monday, February 2, 2009

BJ Penn VS GSP & Steelers VS Cardinals

This weekend was pretty intense in the sense that there was a lot of events goin on.
Watching the BJ Penn VS GSP fight and the SuperBowl Steelers VS Cardinals.
Watching BJ Penn on our friends huge tv was supposed to be great, but when BJ's brother threw in the towl in between the fourth and fifth round...we were pretty pissed. I still think BJ is awesome, but the fight was sad. People said that he was in the hospital earlier for being sick or food poisoning, what ever the case, there's always another fight and he is still light weight champ!

Next would be the Superbowl. I was goin for the Steelers. It was a great game. We won, but I still have to pay up cuz we didn't cover the spread, but dats minors, we have another championship ring #6!

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  1. i say rematch because they said gsp cheated.. haha.... but it's not like its his fault.. dammit just because he's hot... =)